"A Good Store in a Small Town"

Historic Bodega

Bodega was founded by Captain Smith in 1845. Historically it was the crossroads for Sonoma County commerce and trade. Today it is a sought after destination location for visitors and locals alike. Unique shops, local fare dining and a step back in time

Bodega Country Store

Has been serving Sonoma west county for 160 years. Today it houses the "Hitchcock Collection" and serves the community as a "Good store in a small town".

Groceries, prepared food, beer and wine, and a little bit of everything. Including a friendly smile. 


Great Food and Hospitality

The other attraction of BCS is the food. Specializing in delicious delectables such as Smoked Chowders, Oysters, Crab Cakes, and our signature Crab Mac n' Cheese. Our selection of homemade pastries and sweets are delicious and Gluten Free. 

" A good store in a small town",

Howard Cyril McCaughey


When Mrs. Nancy McCaughey gave birth to her youngest child, Howard in 1878 the name McCaughey was already widely associated with the mercantile business in Bodega. Howard was the youngest of five McCaughey children whose father, James, operated a general merchandise store in Bodega. When his father died in 1902 Howard took over responsibility of the family business.  

In 1905 Howard's older brother James Walter joined Howard and established McCaughey Brothers, Incorporated. Selling everything from agricultural products to fuel oil for fishing boats, furniture, overcoats, phonographs, can goods and supplies.  The brothers operated a stage and freight line, and experienced the dawn of the automobile era.

Since then the store has only changed hands a few times. Each owner personalizing and making it their own, servicing the need of the community and travelers alike. 

Bodega Country Store's current owner has transformed the town of Bodega and BCS into a major tourist destination location. Bringing his years of culinary skills to the area and amassing the largest collection of Alfred Hitchcock collectables and memorabilia. BCS has been the subject of many news and travel guides, domestic and international.   

"We are passionate about the town and what we are doing here. Coming to Bodega is like a step back into time!"

Mc Caughey "Reminder" 1929-1933

Above are a series of vintage McCaughey Bros. store advertisements, called "the reminders". These reminders are from the 1929-1933.  They are quite comical in style and will give you a sense of what shopping at a store like the McCaughey's was like. Enjoy!


St. Theresa of Avila

Saint Teresa of Avila Church is a Roman Catholic church in Bodega, California. The white, wooden church with a steeple sits on a hilltop above the small, rural hamlet.  The church was built by shipbuilders in 1859 on land donated by Jasper O’Farrell (the city planner of San Francisco) and named after St. Teresa of Avila by local Spanish and Portuguese immigrants. Archbishop Alemany dedicated the church on June 2, 1861. The church is still in use today and is the oldest church in continuous use in Sonoma County.

Famous American photographer Ansel Adams came to town in 1957 and photographed St. Theresa's Catholic Church for his portrait "Church and Road". 

Mass Schedule
Saturday: 5pm
Sunday: 9:30am
Weekday: Tues-Thrus 9am

Learn more about the church.
17120 Bodega Highway, Bodega, CA
Pastor: Rev. Loren Allen

                                           Potter Schoolhouse

In 1962 director Alfred Hitchcock came to town. Assistant art director Robert Boyle spotted the potter schoolhouse here in the town of Bodega. Abandoned and scheduled to be demolished Mr Boyle requested the use of the schoolhouse for the Hitchcock classic "The Birds". After getting permission from school superintendent Gaffney, they began filming here in the town of Bodega and Bodega Bay from January to March 1962. This iconic building is still standing and has hardly changed from it's move days. Now the Potter Schoolhouse is a private residence. And is a highly sought after location for cinema enthusiast and travelers alike. 

Town of Bodega at Night

Bodega Country Store 

Largest Collection of Alfred Hitchcock Memorabilia 




Alfred Hitchcock

Master of Suspense 

Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was nicknamed the "Master of Suspense" for employing a kind of psychological suspense in his films, producing a distinct viewer experience.

Born in London on August 13, 1899, Alfred Hitchcock worked for a short time in engineering before entering the film industry in 1920. He left for Hollywood in 1939, where his first American film, Rebecca, won an Academy Award for best picture. Hitchcock created more than 50 films, including the classics Rear WindowThe 39 Steps and Psycho. Nicknamed the "Master of Suspense," Hitchcock received the AFI's Life Achievement Award in 1979. He died in 1980.

 Some of his most famous films include Psycho (1960), The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964). His works became renowned for their depictions of violence, although many of his plots merely function as decoys meant to serve as a tool for understanding complex psychological characters. His cameo appearances in his own films, as well as his interviews, film trailers and the television program Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1962-65), made him a cultural icon.

After filming “Shadow of A Doubt” in Santa Rosa, California in 1948, Alfred Hitchcock returned to Sonoma County in 1961 to find a remote coastal location for his next project “The Birds.” He chose Bodega and Bodega Bay, with surrounding bleak treeless hills, quiet fishing harbor and fog. Based on a short story by Daphne DuMaurier, the original story took place in an English seashore village where murderous birds attacked the local villagers. Alfred Hitchcock financed the film from his successful television show.

Never had a director portrayed animals working in unison with intelligence. “The Birds” became the first horror/ fantasy film. Special effects, including mechanical birds, live and wild birds on strings, and optically altered film overlays of birds in flight made this a most frightening film. The fog did not always cooperate, so much of the film needed to be tinted gray. There were more special effects in The Birds than were in Star wars which was released 13 years later. It was the only movie Hitch made without a musical score. 

The movie was filmed in Bodega from January to March of 1962 And was first premiere in March of 1963 at the Museum of Modern art  in New York City.   Nearly three years were required to complete work on the film.

"When is Tippi Here?"

Having the largest collection of Alfred Hitchcock memorabilia includes an annual visit by "The Birds" star Ms Tippi Hedren. Here at BCS it is an official private event. Typically Ms. Hedren visits us on Labor Day Weekend. Her public event is scheduled at The Tides Warf in Bodega Bay. There she has scheduled autograph signings thought the weekend. It is primarily a fund raiser for the Roar Foundation. 

 As a guest of collection owner Michael Fahmie, Ms Hedren visits BCS as a private event. Afterwords, Ms. Hedren is available for a meet and greet and photo op with guests and fans. Ms Hedren is always gracious and informative. We love having her here!


"Good Food in a Small Town"


The Initial goal of the of Bodega Country Store was to bring simple, good quality and delicious food to Sonoma west county.  In an area with limited food options  BCS creations have helped make the town of Bodega a destination location for foodies. We have many healthy options and a large selection of gluten free items. Our "grab and go" deli has delicious homemade selections of items ready for the drive, coastal hike, or wine tasting.

Our hot selections include three types of chowders daily. And we always have a non seafood and vegetarian option too! Crab Mac 'n Cheese, Crabcakes, Crab Rolls, Oysters, among other selections. 

For our non pescatarian friends we have Homemade Chili, Focaccia Pizza Breads, Quiches, and many deli items like Pistachio Chicken Salad, and Sandwiches. 

We have a simple open kitchen and make do with what we have.  By many accounts folks are amazed by the food we can produce. 



Chowders                                   Soups                                   Bread Options                     Pizza Breads

*Smoked White Clam Chowder   Roasted Carrot and Tomato       Sourdough Breadbowl    *Thin Crust Gluten Free Meat Lover /Veggie

*Smoked Red Clam Chowder      Beef and Bean Chili                    Cornbread Muffin            Thick Crust Focaccia Meat Lover /Veggie

*Smoked Salmon Chowder          Vegan Option Daily                   Sourdough Garlic Bread

Hot Stuff

*Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese

Locally Sourced Fresh Crabmeat tossed in a tricolored rainbow rotini and white wine cheese sauce. We top it off with more crabmeat and roast pepper coulis and parmesan oregano breadcrumbs. Add Bacon or Avocado if you like!

Bodega Style Sourdough Crab Roll

The most generous portion of fresh crabmeat in a light dill sauce, served toasty and open faced on a sourdough bread roll. Topped with our famous housemade whitewine cheese sauce and sweet pickle relish. Add Bacon or Avocado if you like!

New England Style Crab Roll

Fresh Crabmeat on a hotdog bun. A smaller but just as tasty snack as the Bodega Roll. 

*Oyster Two-Ways *

Pacific Oysters served either Raw on the half shell with a side of Wasabi-Horseradish cocktail sauce and Lemon wedges


Baked Toasty with Parmesan Cheese & Oregano Breadcrumbs with crispy crumbled Bacon.

Crab Cakes *

Pure and simple  Dungeness Crabmeat and a pinch of sundried tomato, celery, onion and seasonings. This Item is gluten free.

Vegetarian Crab Quiche and Vegetarian Crab Omelet 

Asparagus, Sun dried Tomato, Scallions. Topped with fresh crabmeat

Omar's Seafood Ceviche*

Pacific Snapper, Scallops, Calamari, Bay Shrimp in a Lime/Orange juice marinade.  Bell peppers, red onion, cilantro, serrano peppers, spices

On The Sweet Side (and all Gluten Free)

Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownies with rum frosting

Banana Bread Cake with pistachio and dates

Almond and coconut flour Carrot Cake

Coffee Blondie Bar 

Shortbread Toffee bar with dark chocolate and walnuts

Maija Lemon Bar

Christine's Gluten Free Fruit Pies (serves 2):  Strawberry-Rhuebarb, Bing Cherry, Apple, Peach, Mixed Berry, 


Media from Around the World


Because Bodega Country Store is a destination location for visitors and locals alike, we have had our fare share of media exposure. From CBS Eye on the Bay to AeroMexico inflight magazine Escala. The Frankfurt Times to the Sioux Falls Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle and many more. Here are some of the articles and web links. Check them out!



Florida International University Alumni Magazine  

Frankfurt Travel Section

Frankfurt Travel Section

Some of Our Friends


Everyone is welcome at Bodega Country Store. We have quite the array of customers. From local surfers, to rancher and farmers. Visitors from all over the world come to BCS and share life experiences.  We hear from many folks what a special place this is. You certainly don't see towns like Bodega and store's like BCS. Its quite the place. Almost a step back into time!



Always Something Special in Bodega


  Poster for the annual "Big Event" in Bodega, California. This event is held every year in August to benefit the BVFD. 


Poster for the annual "Big Event" in Bodega, California. This event is held every year in August to benefit the BVFD. 

    Actress Tippi Hedren star of "The Birds" with co-star Veronica Cartwright speak at the potter schoolhouse for the special B50 event on Labor Day Weekend 2013  



Actress Tippi Hedren star of "The Birds" with co-star Veronica Cartwright speak at the potter schoolhouse for the special B50 event on Labor Day Weekend 2013